Ensign Keilani Rin

An optimistic and compassionate half-Bajoran scientist.



Forte (???): 3

Contacts: 1

Fitness 4 Intellect 5 Presence 5
Acrobatics 0 Engineering 0 Diplomacy 0
Athletics 3 Physical Science 0 Persuasion 3
Dodge 3 Life Science 4 Charm 4
Melee Combat 0 Medicine 3 Intimidation 0
Ranged Combat 0 Ship Systems 0 Streetwise 0
Pilot 2 Computer 2 Administration 3
Survival 0 Security 1 Expression 0
Stealth 0 Knowledge 0 Subterfuge 0
Adversity 0 Destiny 0 Victory 0

Traits: Aversion to Water, Works Too Hard.

Belief: One should always help the helpless.

Instinct: If they say it can’t be done, I want to try.



Half-Bajoran, half-Polynesian-human. Born on Da Vinci Colony, a peaceful and beautiful place mostly peopled by artists and those seeking a quieter life. No other Bajorans on colony except her family, didn’t originally know anything about the Occupation. Liked the outdoors, running, climbing, animals.

As a young teenager, she found a downed shuttle with a Bajoran pilot (Tanak Demarco). He was a thief and smuggler who brought supplies to the Resistance on Bajor, and told her about their oppressed people suffering. She had a girlish crush on this exciting figure and eagerly agreed to help him, stealing all sorts of goods from her fellow colonists so that he could take them back to Serve The Cause. (He didn’t seduce her, though. She was too young for him!) With her help to repair and restock the shuttle, he went on his way. Only after he was gone were the thefts discovered. Fingers were pointed, workers were docked pay, people were grouchy, but she wasn’t caught and she didn’t come forward. She still feels that she did a good thing – she helped others who were more in need without really harming anyone, in her opinion.

[Is Tanak a scoundrel who was lying about helping the Bajorans? Will he expect her to steal for him again? Is he now in the new Bajoran government and thinks of her as a useful Starfleet contract? Will he attempt to romance the now-older girl in order to blind her to some other scheme?]

After she learned about the Bajorans, she wanted to provide more help than just some stolen goods for a smuggler. She wanted to drive off the Cardassians by force if necessary. The Federation and the Cardassians were having some fights, even if they didn’t currently consider Bajor worth fighting over. Starfleet are heroes, Starfleet should protect Bajor. So she gets the idea of joining up and then finding some way to try and bring more attention to the Bajor situation. Of course, by the time she’s old enough to get in and through the Academy, things have moved on a bit and the Occupation is over.

[So she joins Starfleet with stars in her eyes, thinking of them as heroes, NOT with the intent of undermining the Prime Directive. She wants to be a hero and help people.]

In the Academy, her pretty face and cheerful self-confidence made her popular. She had a number of friends and casual romances (can be expanded on as needed) but her particular favorite was a human male named Jason Carnavon. They were friendly rivals and partners-in-crime, with sparks always flying between them but never quite dating. Always competing. (In fact, through a series of Hilarious Mixups, they dated the same girl once… Her name was Alex, she’s an engineer and somewhat androgynous-looking…) They dared each other into ridiculous challenges – like running around the campus at night in the middle of winter, naked. (Rumors about that may have gotten around!) Their friends all assumed they’d get together eventually when they quit trying to prove who was top dog.

But it all went wrong when they tried to race across the SF Bay. Rin wasn’t a very strong swimmer, but didn’t realise how hard it would be and didn’t warn him that she might not be able to do it. She nearly drowned and had to be rescued by local civilians. After that, neither of them knew how to deal with the confused guilt and anger they felt, and stopped speaking.

[Traumatic Drowning Incident, now rather nervous of water. Big tangled mess of emotions involving Jason, who is still in Starfleet but not on this ship. What if he gets into trouble somehow and needs her help, but she assumes that whatever he’s accused of must have been his fault because she’s still blaming him? What if he challenges her to something, hoping to patch things up between them?]

While Rin generally did very well at the Academy, she struggled in the Starfleet ethics courses and failed an exam because she argued against the Prime Directive in the sample cases. This was the worst grade she’d ever received, and it burnses! She learned to give the answers that were wanted, but she’s still filled with resentment and sure that she was right. The instructor for the course, Commander Kennelly, is the sister of Vice Admiral Kennelly from the episode “Ensign Ro”. Rin somehow found out about the Vice Admiral conspiring to get those Bajoran refugees killed, and this has hardened her resentment of the Commander, that prissy dried-up by-the-book-bitch.

[She doesn’t feel bound by the Prime Directive if it stands in the way of doing the Right Thing. She’d like to see the whole idea reconsidered, but she’s aware that she’s currently far too minor a voice in Starfleet to do any such thing. Also, she really hates Commander Kennelly. Anyone who likes that woman is an enemy. If she or the Vice Admiral show up to order the ship on a mission, Rin will be automatically suspicious of it. She’d also love to make the Commander break the PD herself, or admit that it’s wrong. Oh, gleeful vindication!]

She has a brother Gao, younger than she is but close to her age. Growing up, Rin was always taller, stronger, faster, smarter. She liked her little brother but often left him behind when he was trying to tag along, and never noticed how this slowly fueled resentment. Finally as puberty got him, he did become bigger and stronger than she was, but this didn’t soothe his feelings of inadequacy. Especially when he failed to be accepted to Starfleet Academy. He’s angry with her and has yet to find his own path, and she’s completely failed to notice how unhappy he is.

[Standard Troubled Family Member. What mess will he get himself into? Chaos on the homeworld? Piracy? Attempting to discredit his sister? Polynesian bodytype can be built BIG, he’s probably a good sturdy thug by now!]

Physical – Tall for a girl. Golden-brown skin, long black hair, dark eyes, nose-crinkle. Good runner and enjoys it. No specific training in martial arts. Average strength, better with her legs than her arms.

Mental – Clever, cheerful, optimistic, focused. Willing to go long hours without sleep in order to solve a problem. Would rather keep silent than complain (you may need to remind me of this, as I’m a whiner.)

Has trouble recognising her own limitations. May easily take on too much and get in over her head. Lacks self-reflection and is pridefully certain of her own virtue.

Goals: Rise in Starfleet to become famous/powerful enough to sway policy. Then use that power to Do Good.

Ensign Keilani Rin

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