Ensign Erin Waverly

A young security ensign with an infamous father.



Forte (???): 4 Contacts: 2

Fitness 5 Intellect 5 Presence 2
Acrobatics 0 Engineering 3 Diplomacy 0
Athletics 3 Physical Science 4 Persuasion 0
Dodge 3 Life Science 0 Charm 0
Melee Combat 0 Medicine 0 Intimidation 2
Ranged Combat 3 Ship Systems 0 Streetwise 0
Pilot 0 Computer 0 Administration 2
Survival 0 Security 3 Expression 0
Stealth 0 Knowledge 0 Subterfuge 0
Adversity 0 Destiny 0 Victory 0

Traits: Knack for Physics, Frail Belief: A Starfleet officer embodies the ideals she serves. Instinct: When your scientific skills come into play, try to hide them or play them down. Goal:


Antonius Waverly was once a great, ambitious, physicist working for the United Federation of Planets. Eight years ago, revealed a prototype for a new shield technology. AEGIS (Advanced Entropic Guardian in Subspace) worked upon the principle of inverting subspace and creating an interfold layer between it and normal space. This ‘Waverly Effect’ as it was dubbed, created an impenetrable barrier, an event horizon of reality that absorbed everything that attempted to enter it, while preserving the matter on other side of the ‘wall’ in a sort of temporal displacement. (In effect, it removes a portion of space/subspace from the continuum, but holds that space ‘reserved’ for later usage)

While smaller tests of the technology were effective, Antonius pushed for planetary testing. There was some measure of disagreement amongst Federation scientists as to the safety of such a device, but Antonius’ won over his opponents with a his silver tongue. Planetary testing began on Asmodeus IV, a mostly uninhabited planet, with a biological science facility (Asmodeus IV was home to a very unique ecosystem.). The device was set up in the facility and Antonius and the planetary personal were ‘evacuated’ to a safe distance. Once activated the device worked as expected and the planet was swallowed by an inky black energy.

However, the device (AEGIS Key: A tachyon emitting ‘crawler’ which sent an encrypted minor Waverly distortion into the interfold, preprogrammed with the AEGIS’s ‘new’ subspace coordinates.) which Antonius had created to ‘contact’ the AEGIS inside the Waverly Effect was ineffective and Asmodeus IV never returned. For the next six months Antonius worked alongside Starfleet and the Federation’s greatest physicists, trying to uncover what had happened. Because AEGIS was effectively in a temporal stasis, it would never run out of power. While the AEGIS Key had been successful in testing environments, the scientists hypothesized that the greater size of the Waverly Effect left the Key wandering an exponentially greater maze of interfold layers.

Antonius’ funding was cut off and further attempts to retrieve Asmodeus IV met with failure. Disgraced and unable to get anyone to invest in the technology, Antonius sunk into a depression. When the Orion Syndicate (represented by Captain Ree-Sahn-Fen) approached him about funding, his conscience (suppressed by his pride and ambition) said nothing. He allied himself with the thugs, and over the next year secretly used their money to create a new AEGIS system. Because of the demands of the Orion Syndicate, he created within the Waverly Effect, a second subspace field, one that would let time persist for those within the shield.

The new AEGIS, outfitted upon the Orion Light Cruiser Purpose, Antonius promised his new allies the technology and how to use it if they took him back to Asmodeus IV. Utilizing the Purpose, as an AEGIS Key itself, Antonius returned to the site of his disgrace. Asmodeus V and Asmodeus II, both highly populated planets, reported seeing the Purpose flying towards the Waverly Effect of Asmodeus IV. That was the last contact anyone has had with the Asmodeus system. The Waverly Effect has swallowed all that once was Asmodeus. Erin Waverly, daughter of the presumed dead Antonius Waverly, showed much of the same aptitude as her father. The stigma of his deeds still haunts her and the name Waverly hangs like a shadow over her own life. Impassioned by an admiration of starfleet, Erin joined the Academy as soon as she was eligible. A native Californian (Earth), Erin went to Starfleet Academy – San Francisco. Constant attention was paid to her development and while nobody ever said so, Erin was always under the impression, that they’d prefer her out of the Science program.

Erin switched her studies to Security and Soldiering with a grim determination to prove herself set her brilliant mind on the task of living up to the expectations of Starfleet. She soon grew fond of it, admiring the simplicity and nobleness of protecting others. Her weaknesses were exposed almost immediately by one of her instructors (Ethics), the charming Alex Danton. Alex wooed the young freshman and deftly seduced her. For a year Erin kept the secret of their relationship from her friends, students and even from Alex’s wife.

Truly believing she loved Alex, Erin could almost overlook the manner in which their relationship had formed. It slowly ate at her night after night, and while Alex promised his heart was for her, he never left his wife. When Erin finally confessed with distress that she could no longer be a part of the affair, his reaction was, well, unanticipated. He chided her and belittled her emotional weakness. He said that it was a relief to not have to pretend anymore and casually bid her adieu. Grief stricken and cowed, Erin redoubled her attention to her studies. She lost contact with her friends and grew a protective outer shell that she still bears now.

In her Junior year (2374), her allegience to the ideals of Starfleet was tested by Jazon Zin and his colleagues. Jazon, son to Captain Metila Zin (A hero during the recent Klingon-Federation War, he saved millions of lives along the border.), and seven friends conspired to steal the test for the year end review. Jazon harbored a secret crush on the elusive Erin, and sought to include her in the conspiracy. Erin was tempted, but she stood firm in what she believed, and when she could not convince Jazon to walk away from the plan, she was forced to turn him in.

Jazon’s conspiracy, as it turned out, was only the tip of the iceberg. Jazon had been doing other illicit activities on the side and as Erin cast the eyes of authority upon him, they came to light. Jazon as well as four of the other students were expelled. For her trouble, Erin was given a special commendation for integrity, and the ire of Captain Zin. Jazon spun a story to his father about how Erin had framed him for the crime and since then Metila has made every motion to block Erin’s advancement within Starfleet.

During her senior year, she served as a cadet aboard the U.S.S. Esper. The science vessel was gathering data about the recurring particle fountain near the Trill system. When the particle fountain turned, the U.S.S. Esper was critically damaged. Cadet Waverly helped evacuate the ship, and was sent back to engineering to evacuate crew from there.

Chief Engineer Okan Redra, a Kobheerian ordered his crew out, but stayed behind to keep the warp core stable long enough to let the escape pods get far enough away. He ordered Erin to leave as well, but she stood by diligently, ordering him back and telling him it was her duty to see that everyone escaped safely. Their argument was interrupted by the console Okan was working at exploded, sending him sprawling.

Cadet Waverly made sure Okan was alright before setting about finishing his task of securing the warp core. Nervous and excited at the same time, her natural aptitude with the engines of the ship came to the surface. Once his task had been finished, she drug him to a shuttle and piloted them to safety. Once he awoke, she explained what happened, and why she wanted to keep what she’d done a secret. Admiring her modesty and will, he agreed to keep her heroism a secret.

He now serves aboard the U.S.S. Providence as first officer. Captain Metila Zin nearly secured Cadet Waverly a post on Earth, working a desk job, but Commander Redra pulled some favors and the now Ensign Waverly serves there with him. Much to Erin’s chagrin, Elsa Danton, wife of Alex serves there as well.

Ensign Erin Waverly

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